Web forms and designs: Making them responsive and easy

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Every facet of human interaction is happening on the Internet. From events to Halloween costume, from mere deals to Bargain bonanzas, you name it, you’ve got it on the net. Internet is the shopping mall of today and mobile billboards.

A well-designed web form is the need of the hour to get your fair share of customers to respond to your site. Read on to know all about making your web forms and designs easy and responsive.

Mobile is the king, mobility its chariot

While designing for desktop is crucial, a responsive layout for mobiles is the need of the hour. Let’s do it the other way around. After all it’s the 21st Century. Now build the site on the mobile platform and then move on to tablet or desktop.

Adapt your web forms for smaller screens

Simple navigation for small screen is the key. Use of collapsible menus, and drop-downs provide the ease. There’s ample space for 3-4 links. Make sure to put important ones that don’t compromise information architecture of the site.

Prioritise, the magic mantra…..

A complete membership form might not be what will work for your site anymore. A customer might get restless with the categories, information overload and abandon the site before reaching the last step, be it payment or submission. The key here is to keep it simple and prioritise and include most relevant categories.

Mobile is the lock, text is the key

When it comes to mobile layout and design, less is more. Convey everything in a clear, crisp, easy to read manner. The content should be in a readable font without the need to zoom in. Once you figure out the logo and text for a mobile, you know it is going to work for a desktop.

Speed is the key my friend

In the world of distractions, site loading time needs to be minimised.

Optimization of images and text acts as a glue to your customers and makes them stick for longer. The quicker the speed (thanks optimisation), the longer the stickiness.

Screen orientation should not be overlooked

Landscape or portrait, each has his/her own preference. Yet, the statistics point out at an equal share in both the orientations. This means that your web forms and designs must be responsive on both portrait and landscape orientations.

Collapsible menus always work out best

Everyone loves lists and menus, but only when they come in a collapsible option. It simplifies the display and makes the choice more specific.

Clean layout and responsiveness will win the battle for you. Follow these easy steps and conversions will flow your way. Catch them quick….