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Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

By November 15, 2018 No Comments

World is changing very fast in terms of technologies.Nowadays we hear about Artificial Intelligence in daily updates and news.
But what exactly is Artificial Intelligence?How can we tell a normal person what is it exactly?

Artificial Intelligence(AI) is to make our computer systems smarter and do the tasks which required human Intelligence such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages.AI is implemented in different domains like defence,healthcare,transportation and different industries.

Healthcare Industry is the field in which Artificial Intelligence can be a really powerful tool to solve problems which industry is facing.

AI can be used to make devices which can track the different parameters of human body and can be used to give improvement tips to a person about his/her health.
It can be used to give medication alerts,health alerts ,SOS alerts and human-like interactions to gauge a patient’s current mental state.

AI can be used to process the patient data to provide assistance to the doctors while treating the patients.It can act as a different brains working together for the same problem which is difficult for the human to perform.It can also acts a auditor for the doctors if doctor is performing wrong action while performing.

AI can used to make bots which can help in areas like such as scheduling, billing and other clinical requests and reduce the overall administrative costs for hospitals.

Above points are the tip of the iceberg for the AI in healthcare industry.Technology and Healthcare need to collaborate to solve the issues of human health.